Day two

Whohoo haul #2 I am missing a small handful of things that I will have to go to a more specialized store for.


I started my day with some coffee and a little Jesus


Then we had breakfast, Titus wanted some it was really good. Want to make it? Check it out here 


Lunch I left the mayo out of this 


Dinner, I messed up and didn’t read the directions all the way…. SOOOO we ate late and didn’t marinade the chicken as long as it should have been.  OH MY GOSH did it smell amazing cooking. Dose he look happy to eat or what.



I’m really digging making my own stuff. 20140602-204002-74402558.jpgI think we might have some apples and almond butter for dessert.


I am having HUGE sugar cravings.

Bubo is feeling awesome, but he was a little upset when I said he had to give up his post workout protein shakes.

If you want a good laugh check out this timeline

Also, I think I’m going to start using my “real” camera for the photos.

Feel free to leave some love

The Hoots



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