Whole day 3

A few things I have learned.

  • Sugar is in EVERYTHING
  • So is soy. Which is being linked to female infertility and Drs are now telling women with PCOS to avoid it.
  • I LOVE cooking
  • I HATE dishes
  • Grocery shopping has turned into a full blown event. I have to have a list of “scientific” names to avoid.
  • Read every label
  • Read every recipe all the way through. Twice.


Breakfast leftovers from yesterdays plus an egg.



My morning tea



Lunch. It’s been gloomy today so I wanted to make soup. I turned the up, cuz even though its gloomy it’s still in the upper 80’s, and who wants hot soup on a hot day?


OHMYGHEE This soup may have become my go to soup from now on. It used to be cheesy potato soup. Mhm cheese…..

I was really really really looking forward to dinner. And it was really really really yummy, except for the cabbage. I mean it was ok, and it was my first time making it, so I think I’ll give it one more chance, maybe. But man that meat mix!!!

according to the recipe you can do this with pork too….


And I got crafty today! We (more like me) are slowly making new pillow covers for the entire couch.



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