Day 4

Day Four was kind of blah. I was sluggish all day and would have killed for some toast (sour dough especially)  with I can’t believe it’s not butter. I haven’t had that since I was married in 2010.

Instead I made a variation on this egg dish

Yah I am not a mushroom fan. Bubo got too it before I could get my camera.  20140604-211153-76313915.jpg


For lunch we ate left overs. The soup is just as good if not better the next day.


For dinner we had steak salad. I found this awesome hot sauce at the store on monday and thought it would make for a good marinade. Man it will kick you in the mouth. AND we didn’t have any milk so turn the heat down.  I added avocado to my salad to tame it a little.



I am doing pretty good at not snacking on fruit or nuts in between meals and am drinking tons of water.

I am dreading tomorrow, you’ll see why.


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