Day 5

Yesterday was HARD! Every Thursday I go to a breakfast club where all kinds of goodies are shared. 20140606-080537-29137275.jpg20140606-080539-29139034.jpgice cream punch20140606-080538-29138135.jpg

I was sooo proud of myself for sticking to fruit!!

When I got home around lunch time I ate some leftovers ( which btw didn’t plan on having soooo many so i’m skipping a lot of the lunch meals I have had planned)  and started this slow cooker dish. And man am I glad it was a slower cooker meal. At about 1 I was knocked out by a “I want to puke if I move” migraine. Now I get these every so often with my seasonal allergies, but I feel this one is directly related to my body finally realizing I am not going back to old habits. Like drinking a coke with my motrin when I feel the onset of a headache. As you can see I didn’t have enough umph to get the coleslaw done.


I took a 3 hour nap ate dinner and then went back to bet and didn’t wake up until 8:30 thankfully headache free.


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