Day 6

Since I slept so late, all I had for breakfast was some fruits and nuts. but for lunch, I made ZOODLES! Or zucchini strings spaghetti impostors. Did they taste like spaghetti noodles? No. Did I enjoy them? Yes. In this recipe I didn’t even miss the pasta feel of noodles.  Bubo did not care for it.20140607-092047-33647988.jpg

The “uhg I did not drink why do I have a hangover” feeling hit him in the afternoon.20140606_2606

And for dinner we had simple and tasty chicken dish with some salad. Lots of salad going on these days.




I am starting to research what kind of eating life style we will be adopting after our Whole 30. I can already feel a difference in how my body is reacting to having nothing processed go into it. I am significantly less bloated and have no problem being in jeans all day. Usually I change in to “comfy” shorts the second I walk in the door.


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