Half Way There!

Day 15! We have made it 15 days with absolutely no processed food consumption. Now we are on the downward slope and have to decide what to do after our 30 days. For me, I will never drink soda again ( Izze are the only exception look at the ingredients)! And will be avoiding most breads and pastas. We have discussed eating strictly Paleo on weekdays and being a little bit more flexible on the weekends. And by “flexible” I mean a (tall) Starbucks hazelnut macchiato and a donut on sunday mornings. And mashed potatoes with a single dinner.


I have technically been cheating the last few days on the whole30. I have had to add honey back into my teas. Not because I wanted the sweetness, but because my allergies have been kicking my a$$! Since I was young I have had awful seasonal allergies, and I lived in some of the best places to live if you have allergies, like places docs say to move if you have allergies because they will be effected less. BUT in my late teens, I started using raw, local honey, and I was able to go off of my meds (unless I am visiting somewhere for a short period of time, the honey doesn’t work that fast because it has to be local to where I am). So honey is back in my teas. And only my teas.

A few words from Bubo:

A couple of things about whole 30 from a man’s point of view, with limited taste buds.

1. I Never knew there we so many flavors.

2. Its very different in the sense that we used to eat unhealthy.(pasta, cheese, milk, breads,POTATOES!)

3. 15 days in, I just don’t care anymore, I want crap food.


5. Seeing the results only two weeks in is amazing, and in the end that’s what we’re after, healthy body healthy mind.

6. It will make you appreciate the “reward” meals you’ll get later on(instead of scarfing down everything in a few minutes)

7. You’re probably not gonna like everything, and its okay. But you’ll never know what you like or don’t like if you don’t try it.

8. After the first few days, it gets easier. The temptation is always there but I personally don’t have to try very hard to look away.(especially after only 10 days with all the fat that has literally melted off.)

9. Workout while you’re changing your life, you will see faster and better results , confirming that its all worth it in the first place.

Day 15 meals

Breakfast= eggs and sausage

lunch= hot dogs and fruit salad

Dinner= Crispy Carnitas over salad


We went to 6 flags and were matchy matchy. But this is a non-scale victory for me, I have my dimple back! It has been missing for a while. 20140615-210512-75912529.jpg6 flags was hard because of all the smells. We walked by one of the ice cream places and I wanted to puke because of how sweet it smelled. Never thought that would happen!



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