What we have decided

We have decided to be lacto- 80/20 paleo. What does that mean well basically we like cheese and want a little more relaxation on the weekends

Here is how Robb Wolf describes it (web link)

The Lacto-Paleo (Also known as Primal)

This one is exactly what the name implies. The lacto-paleo follows a traditional paleo style of eating but includes dairy products. Now, we’re not talking just any dairy products (READ: Cheez-whiz, Coffeemate, Kraft Singles, and Ben & Jerry’s, do not fall under this umbrella). The optimal choices here are organic, grassfed, whole (full-fat) dairy products. Skim milk and Yoplait light need not apply.

The 80/20 Paleo (Also known as the Weekday Paleo)

This is my personal favorite shade and I would guess it’s where the bulk of us probably fall. Basically stated, we eat clean paleo about 80-90 percent of the time and the other 10-20 percent we eat what would be considered non-paleo foods. This could mean some cheese, wine, ice cream, etc. This is a SANE and healthy approach as long as the 20 percent is kept under control (this does not mean a 4 hour food fest that starts with Dunkin Donuts, moves on to Dominos and ends with Dairy Queen).

So there we are. It really is hard to change habits. But I truly believe that by changing what we eat will make a huge difference in our day to day lives.


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