My Bad.

Apparently I am not that good at this whole blogging thing, OPPS.

So real fast catch up. Whole 30 was a success!!!! (even if I only made it to day 19 on here.)

We went to Mississippi over the 4th and did ok eating good. Since we have been back we are sticking to Lacto Paleo (organic dairy). I have already planed out which months I will be strictly whole30 for the rest of the year. I LOVE how I feel while on whole30 but do not want to be sooo limited all my life.  


Now onto new adventures!!!! I/we will be doing lots of traveling over then next few months. I will be going home to Washington from mid july- mid August and then we will be moving. We should find out to where next week!!! EEEK!.

I have been bugging out this week looking up all the bases I would be willing to live at. I am pretty confident that we will get somewhere on my list.

Our top choices are 

1. Ocean, yup thats about it.

No but really, we will chose in this order.

1. Washington State.


3. SoCal.

4. The Carolinas

5. WAY north of DC

The first two are close to family, and with us starting the adoption this fall/winter we feel it would be nice to be within driving distance to a good support system. The other ones have the ocean, and as a California girl, I need that back in my life. I honestly am depressed when I cant see the water at least a few times a week. However, I know God will put us where He wants us. 

I have been having dreams this last week of the beach, but each night is a different beach. And I know they are not the same because I am going back to beaches from my summers in WA when I was little, to my parents house in Coronado, and in one I was sitting on the beach that was mostly tall grass and sand and it started to snow. So who knows. 

I am going to try to get way better at this blog thing, I promise!!!! 


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