Summer Time.

          Who doesn’t love summer time?

I was blessed this summer, my grandparents paid me to go home to the gorge for a whole month.

The reason? Watching animals while the went to New Zealand



But I got the added bonus of spending time with cousins that I had not seen in years.


I mean who doesn’t love frog hunting?


Well maybe Bre didn’t.


Or just checking out local eats


And to soak up the glory of God and His, creations like his sunsets.

  20140804_3741 copy20140721_3416


Or just nature in general

20140730_3489 10590594_10204490656409021_339647634668794339_n20140730_3501 copy1908383_10204486896155017_376044031589837469_n 20140730_3513-2 20140731_3462 20140731_3465              20140804_369720140804_3690

And also time on the river. 


Thanks Uncle Mark

                                     20140804_3706   20140804_3717 copyBut one of the best things was having this view in the mornings and getting things from grandmas garden. 10400025_10204405721685706_8301172007613119266_n10458102_10204507277704543_4159991559823590885_n10527904_10204552671239353_3419570509494340065_n10482890_10204408720400672_2764892276239015449_n10565225_10204450372081938_6464784083400934422_n 

I love how much my grandma enjoys her mini farm




Now onto the next adventure!!!!


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