4 Years and happy news.

The summer of 2010 was huge, not only did we graduate from high school, but we also got married. Yup we are high school sweethearts.  

In these past 4 years we have many ups and down, mostly ups.

We’ve made life long friends.

In fact we will get to see some of those friends very soon! Thats right yall, we are making our 4th move at the end of Sep. We started off in San Diego.

Then Bubo went to Chicago while I moved to Mississippi (boot camp, a school, c school),

after that we were off to Quantico VA.

Currently we are in San Antonio TX. 

Today, on our 4th wedding anniversary, we found out we will be heading back to good ole NoVa.

Fort Belvoir  here we come!


It’s a little bitter sweet heading here. The Hospital Bubo will be working at is where we went through all of our fertility treatments. But this also means we will be in a whole new area of NoVa to explore.  

I am so ready for seasons again.

Friends and family wanting to visit D.C. let us know. 

On to a New Chapter 

This time (since we will be there longer) I have an East Coast bucket list. 



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