To This New Year.

How is it almost a new year? I mean really, where did 2014 go? This year was a year of transition for us.

Almost every other month I was on my way to or from somewhere.

In October we finally moved into our new house in the NoVa area. We found a church with an awesome youth group to serve with and are finally settling in.

Now that we are here and will be here for a few years, I have been really thinking about what I would like for this new chapter of life to say.  I am starting with health, spiritual, physical and mental.

1. Spiritual

*daily devos by myself and with Bubo. We have already started this with the Jesse Tree Advent.

*protect my quiet time better, put it above everything else

*worship more often, in everyday little tasks


*start eliminating chemicals (like in cleaners and cosmetics)

*at least 30 mins of heart raising activity daily.

*holistic healing

*whole eating

3. Mental

I feel like by doing 1 and 2, my mental health will automatically start to heal. (anxiety, depression, toxic thoughts)

Also, I am taking a step back from commercialism. I.E. if I cant make it I don’t need it. This will be my hardest lifestyle rewrite. ( I might have an obsession with the brands Fossil and Bare Essentials, and shopping for things in general.)

So here is to 2015 the year of Health.


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