All or Nothing

Are you an all or nothing type person?

I’m starting to realize I am. I truly think it’s why I struggle in a lot of aspects of my life.I get so focused on one thing that nothing else matters.

It’s happened with diets, working out, photography, reading, trying to get pregnant, and numerous amounts of other things. It’s like my brain can only focus on one thing at a time.

I can make lists, set up routines, tell myself self that things will change. But they never do. Something catches my eye and I get so wrapped up in it. I am trying to be better.

For example this time around, instead of going cold turkey whole30, we are using up everything we have and just not buying it again. It’s helped us not get the carb flu, but it’s messing with my head. I have the whole mindset “we don’t eat this” but it’s still in my house until it’s gone.

So how do you deal with this? Are there any steps I can take? Or am I doomed to be an all or nothing person forever?


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