Follow up results and the next step.

Today was our follow up from out appointment in January. Sperm count is good and they all swim well. My uterine wall dose not have precancerous cells and my tubes are clear. I am not a carrier for cystic fibrosis. I have high lipids, cholesterol, and blood pressure and will be put on metformin in the hopes to get some of them in check. Everything pointed to my PCOS being the correct diagnosis.
I am in love with the clinic we are going to, everyone gives off a good vibes and no one has talked down to me.
We were given several options on how we could proceed. Since we will be here for a while, we are basically going to start from the beginning but with a different ovulation inducer named Letrozole (Femara). This time around, I will be monitored and we are starting low and working up in dosage ( on clomid they went straight to the highest dose). If that doesn’t work we move to injections and then iuis. If we are lucky, I could be pregnant next cycle, or it could take a while. We are putting our trust in Gods timing because he has a plan and knows what our future holds.


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