Checking in

First, we would like to thank every single person who has fasted and prayed for us. We truly believe that it is through prayers that miracles happen.

I am not going to lie, I had high hopes for our first cycle on Femara. When I started a new cycle I thought I would be devastated, but I wasn’t. I had this peaceful feeling, just knowing that I actually ovulated and had a normal cycle was calming.

A few other exciting things have been going on. The most exciting, Our Godson was born!!!


He has been trying to make his grand entrances for a few months. And man did he make one. His moms labor was only an hour and half or so, which ended with little mans birth in the back of an ambulance.

The 2nd piece of news is that I have decided to open a home daycare. My amazing mother did this for the majority of my childhood. She was able to help provide for the family, while still being  at home with me and my brothers. She was even able to home school us while taking care of others little ones. As of right now, I am only going to do this until we leave this duty station. Our hope is to be completly debt free when we move.

And 3rd, we are starting a young adults ministry at our church. I am super excited and nervous for this.

God has made it soo clear that this is where we were meant to be. I was so sad to come back to east coast, but one thing after another has fallen into place.

His plan, His timing, His glory.


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