Week 13

We are thankful to make it to this point. During our first ultrasound, the techs had a hard time finding baby. But then they changed a few settings and there was baby, and heart beat. I was measuring a week behind so they had me come back a week later to do more measurements. The next week baby had grown the way it should and they gave me a new estimated due date of Feb 8 2016. At this time they gave me the go ahead to see a regular OB or Midwife. They were not going to keep me high risk. We met our midwife a few weeks ago and got to see baby again. The ultra sound looked like a little gummy bear.

We also got to hear baby yesterday. I had to go to the ER for fluids and meds. I am fighting some type of bug and have not been able to eat or drink for a day or so. Baby’s heart rate was good.

Our next appointment is on the 25th, a day before our 5th wedding anniversary.

At 13 weeks the chance of miscarriage drops dramatically. I know that things do happen, but my heart is lighter making it to this point.


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