5 Years

So much can happen in five years. Especially in our lives. In the summer of 2010 we graduated from high school, got engaged, and then married in a three month span. People thought I was pregnant (HA). People said to my face they gave it a year.

Our first year was hard. I moved twice in 9 months. And we only lived under the same roof for about 100 days.

Our second year was even harder, learning how to live together away from everyone we know. It was in this year we started to wonder why I couldn’t get pregnant.

Our third year we got into the swing of things, but still struggled with conception. I was very hard on myself. People knew we were trying but they didn’t know how much I was hurting. We also moved, yet again at the end of this year.

Year four, we took this whole year off from trying to make a family.  We focused on becoming as healthy as possible. We absolutely loved this duty station. We made life long friends and it was a stress free place for us.

This past year, our fifth, started with stress. We knew we were moving, just had no idea where. We didn’t get official orders until a week before we moved. The whole month before we asked people to pray with us to be moved somewhere we needed to be, not where we wanted to be. When we got orders back to the east coast I cried. They only good thing about the area I could come up with was that I knew the hospitals.

This move was truly a blessing in disguise. We already knew they church we would attend and were able to jump right in. My Doctors sent me straight to specialists instead of making me redo a years worth of tests. We found out how powerful the acts or prayer and fasting truly are. This year we found out we are going to be parents! I bet God knew we couldn’t do all the moves with littles. We are now in a place for a long (for military) time. A place we have support.

I want to tell my love how much I cherish him. I doubt anyone else could deal with my brand of crazy. He has kept me grounded. I can not wait for the rest of our lives, and all the new adventures with our little boy and possibly more littles.


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