Where has this year gone?

Its hard to believe we have been back here in Virginia for a year. And what an amazing year it has been. We became God parents,jumped back into fertility treatments, found out we were pregnant on May 27th, on August 15th we saw our little Man. We are now 6 months along and boy were the first 17 weeks a doozy.

I was a train wreck, if I wasn’t puking I was feeing like I was about to. But it was like someone flipped a switch at 18 weeks. All of a sudden I was myself agin. Of course Little Hoot is now big enough to make himself known, so not exactly myself, but I am now back to being a functional person.

Since almost the get go, I have been talked to about Pre eclampsia. I have a few things against me for this condition. I have also had several UTIs and a bladder infection that caused bleeding at 19 weeks. Talk about a scare.

They are monitoring me for the Pre-e and have warned me that labor will not be stopped after 28 weeks. That is two weeks away.

We are mostly prepared with the basics, all we need is a carseat. We are hoping that because we are all set he will decide to stay in as long as possible.

This pregnancy has been fairly easy, nothing to make me say “I will never go through this agin”. Well at least not yet.

We are beyond excited for this parent hood journey to begin.


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