Worth the Wait 

Five years of prayers
4 years of infertility treatments 
37 weeks of pregnancy 
30ish hours of labor
An emergency c-section
And a blizzard.

Malcolm Levi David was born on January 22 at 2:24 pm weighing 6lbs and 13 ounces and 19inces long. 
At my 36 week appointment my doctor informed us that my blood pressure was getting to high on a regular basis and that an induction would be scheduled for Saturday the 23rd for our safety.  Of course I went home, panicked and started all kinds of googling about inductions. Most of what I found was in agreement with the Doctor. But then the weather report started coming in about what could be ” the storm of the century”. If you know me at all, I’ve been joking the whole pregnancy that he would be born with the snow, just because that would be our luck. On Tuesday they called to move my induction to Thursday so I would have to travel while it snowed. 

Thursday morning we headed to the hospital at 6am. At 7:30 they inserted cytotec to help with dilation because I was not dilated at all. In the afternoon the inserted a foley bulb. That night they started pitocin. They whole time I was on pitocin little mans heart rate would drop slightly. A little after midnight my waters were broken. I was 6cm then with contractions every 2 minutes. I finally asked for a epidural and they backed off on the meds so both of us could get a little brake and recoup. At 7am when they came to check me and I had stalled and even gone backwards. They started pitocin again, this time Malcolm was not tolerating it, each contraction his heart rate would drop. Around noon I was checked again and was still a 5 so we started the discussion about a c-section. By then my epidural was wearing off. After having one and then being thrown into full blown contractions is not fun. Also the snow had started. They took me back at 2:15. He was out by 2:24. I was not able to do skin to skink on the table, although they would have let me. I was shivering too much from all the drugs. But Dady was able to for the whole time I was being stitched up. 

We were able to come home on Sunday, we had to wait for the roads to be clear enough to drive on,and have had an awesome first week of life together.  Tomorrow I should be 39 weeks pregnant but instead I get to cuddle  my miracle baby. 



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