My little man

Yall, this is the same place right at a year apart. 20160905_6421IMG_5760.jpg

Some difference for little hoot

  • Only two pounds but over a foot taller
  • 12/18 month clothing then, 18/24months now
  • In the first he only had maybe two teeth, he now has all but one
  • He is running and jumping
  • He is not a fan of his picture being taken anymore

Sometimes my eyes just well up with tears looking at him. He was so worth the wait.


Starting, again.

Yes, I know, I suck at this whole blogging thing. Hopefully things will change. Every time I try to start this I set huge goals for myself. Toooo huge.

If you know me in real life, you know I’m an all or nothing type person, and if I cant give it my all, I just wont do it.

So here I am once again, trying to start something. But this time is different. No goals. No time frames. Just me being authentic and real.

Below are some photos of my Little Hoot, The Hubs, and the area we a blessed to call home.

To starting, again.



Him and his Trucks



Come on dad the truck went this way.



Until next time.

Weekend Round Up

Here are some snippets from our weekend.  Basically lots of Pokemon hunting


This was actually tonights dinner. I make a whole chicken for my soup and then make home made stock from the bones. BEST thing ever. 


All the Pokemon Trainers. 


All the Hoots


Little Hoot has been able to put himself into a sitting position for a little bit, so we decided to try a back carry. I think it’s love. 


Watching Daddy proof the kitchen for when his Godsiblings come visit this week.


There was mist, I need to learn how to capture it.



Yes, all the people in on the pier are Trainers. 


Sunset Rainbows


This is an ice cave. Way back when, they would harvest ice from the Potomac and put it in here and cover it with hay. Pretty neat right?