Starting, again.

Yes, I know, I suck at this whole blogging thing. Hopefully things will change. Every time I try to start this I set huge goals for myself. Toooo huge.

If you know me in real life, you know I’m an all or nothing type person, and if I cant give it my all, I just wont do it.

So here I am once again, trying to start something. But this time is different. No goals. No time frames. Just me being authentic and real.

Below are some photos of my Little Hoot, The Hubs, and the area we a blessed to call home.

To starting, again.



Him and his Trucks



Come on dad the truck went this way.



Until next time.


Weekend Round Up

Here are some snippets from our weekend.  Basically lots of Pokemon hunting


This was actually tonights dinner. I make a whole chicken for my soup and then make home made stock from the bones. BEST thing ever. 


All the Pokemon Trainers. 


All the Hoots


Little Hoot has been able to put himself into a sitting position for a little bit, so we decided to try a back carry. I think it’s love. 


Watching Daddy proof the kitchen for when his Godsiblings come visit this week.


There was mist, I need to learn how to capture it.



Yes, all the people in on the pier are Trainers. 


Sunset Rainbows


This is an ice cave. Way back when, they would harvest ice from the Potomac and put it in here and cover it with hay. Pretty neat right?  



Jumping In

Hey there! Instead of trying to play catch up I’m just going to jump right in. Here are a bunch of photos from the las week (ish) . Little Hoot took his first road trip to visit NiNi and PaPi and to meet his Aunt, Uncles,Cousins and Godparents . He was not a fan of the 16 hour drive. We had a wonderful 4th and love to spend time with family. We truly miss being close to family and hope to one day live closer. But that’s military life for you.  I promise I won’t photo puke like this again. Well actually I can’t…IMG_6883
Tillie getting as close as she gets to little hoot

gulfport july 2016_20160704_6141gulfport july 2016_20160704_6143gulfport july 2016_20160704_6144gulfport july 2016_20160704_6151


watching the fireworks

IMG_6956gulfport july 2016_20160704_6169IMG_6892IMG_6900IMG_6908


NiNi got little hoot a walker 



not a night owl here


dude can’t even handle lactose, but was begging for a milkshake 


Snapchat fun 




He was so over the car on the drive home



blankie from uncle russ



New buddy

All or Nothing

Are you an all or nothing type person?

I’m starting to realize I am. I truly think it’s why I struggle in a lot of aspects of my life.I get so focused on one thing that nothing else matters.

It’s happened with diets, working out, photography, reading, trying to get pregnant, and numerous amounts of other things. It’s like my brain can only focus on one thing at a time.

I can make lists, set up routines, tell myself self that things will change. But they never do. Something catches my eye and I get so wrapped up in it. I am trying to be better.

For example this time around, instead of going cold turkey whole30, we are using up everything we have and just not buying it again. It’s helped us not get the carb flu, but it’s messing with my head. I have the whole mindset “we don’t eat this” but it’s still in my house until it’s gone.

So how do you deal with this? Are there any steps I can take? Or am I doomed to be an all or nothing person forever?