Weekend Round Up

Here are some snippets from our weekend.  Basically lots of Pokemon hunting


This was actually tonights dinner. I make a whole chicken for my soup and then make home made stock from the bones. BEST thing ever. 


All the Pokemon Trainers. 


All the Hoots


Little Hoot has been able to put himself into a sitting position for a little bit, so we decided to try a back carry. I think it’s love. 


Watching Daddy proof the kitchen for when his Godsiblings come visit this week.


There was mist, I need to learn how to capture it.



Yes, all the people in on the pier are Trainers. 


Sunset Rainbows


This is an ice cave. Way back when, they would harvest ice from the Potomac and put it in here and cover it with hay. Pretty neat right?  



Day 14

Sorry I went MIA. Life got busy. We have not fallen off the wagon! And tomorrow we will be half way there. So here it is Day 14

Oeufs En Cocotte or supper yummy that everyone has to make at least once (a week).


Lunch tacos. 20140614-191328-69208322.jpg

And this is spaghetti and meatballs. Don’t have a recipe for them, we just whipped them together.  20140614-191326-69206478.jpg


Day 10

Whoohoo I took photos of Breakfast! Fresh fruit, just whatever we have, almond slivers and shaved coconut.


Yup that is bacon wrapped hot dogs. It is extremely hard to find Whole30 compliant bacon.


So, I have been missing my mashed potatoes. Like something fierce.  So I got brave and made mashed sweet potatoes. I am not a huge sweet person, but these were De-lish. The meat was slow cooked all day and was oh so yummy!



We are 1/3rd DONE!

I have already started planing out the rest of the meals and I am not going to lie. I am feeling awesome, but I really want my honey back for my teas.

Day 9

Breakfast is getting a little lame. Eggs or fruit, I am gonna have ta step it up on the second half of our 30 days


When I found out there are hot dogs that are compliant with Whole30 I was over the moon! If you need an easy lunch or dinner, look no further!!! 20140609-190448-68688379.jpg


Oh my gosh guys, you HAVE to try this recipe for some very tasty Green Fajita chicken! you don’t even have to be on Whole30 to, yes it it that good!!!!!!! 20140609-190449-68689226.jpg

A new recipe that will become a go to even if we don’t stay paleo/primal

Day 7 and 8

Oh man were we bad yesterday!

For brunch I made yummy egg pancake type thing


And then we headed out to a wedding that I was photographing. Look how cute they are!


But that being said, we were there for 8+ hours and of course I didn’t pack any thing but larabars. And thank goodness I remembered those! If you are doing whole30 make sure you read the ingredients, not all the different bars are compliant. So at 10 last night we just whipped together some meatballs and called it a night.

Day 8

Fruit for breakfast

Sausage and eggs for lunch after church

And dinner was a yummy steak salad with jicama and I forgot to take a photo. Boo me!

Day 6

Since I slept so late, all I had for breakfast was some fruits and nuts. but for lunch, I made ZOODLES! Or zucchini strings spaghetti impostors. Did they taste like spaghetti noodles? No. Did I enjoy them? Yes. In this recipe I didn’t even miss the pasta feel of noodles.  Bubo did not care for it.20140607-092047-33647988.jpg

The “uhg I did not drink why do I have a hangover” feeling hit him in the afternoon.20140606_2606

And for dinner we had simple and tasty chicken dish with some salad. Lots of salad going on these days.




I am starting to research what kind of eating life style we will be adopting after our Whole 30. I can already feel a difference in how my body is reacting to having nothing processed go into it. I am significantly less bloated and have no problem being in jeans all day. Usually I change in to “comfy” shorts the second I walk in the door.

Day 5

Yesterday was HARD! Every Thursday I go to a breakfast club where all kinds of goodies are shared. 20140606-080537-29137275.jpg20140606-080539-29139034.jpgice cream punch20140606-080538-29138135.jpg

I was sooo proud of myself for sticking to fruit!!

When I got home around lunch time I ate some leftovers ( which btw didn’t plan on having soooo many so i’m skipping a lot of the lunch meals I have had planned)  and started this slow cooker dish. And man am I glad it was a slower cooker meal. At about 1 I was knocked out by a “I want to puke if I move” migraine. Now I get these every so often with my seasonal allergies, but I feel this one is directly related to my body finally realizing I am not going back to old habits. Like drinking a coke with my motrin when I feel the onset of a headache. As you can see I didn’t have enough umph to get the coleslaw done.


I took a 3 hour nap ate dinner and then went back to bet and didn’t wake up until 8:30 thankfully headache free.

Day 4

Day Four was kind of blah. I was sluggish all day and would have killed for some toast (sour dough especially)  with I can’t believe it’s not butter. I haven’t had that since I was married in 2010.

Instead I made a variation on this egg dish

Yah I am not a mushroom fan. Bubo got too it before I could get my camera.  20140604-211153-76313915.jpg


For lunch we ate left overs. The soup is just as good if not better the next day.


For dinner we had steak salad. I found this awesome hot sauce at the store on monday and thought it would make for a good marinade. Man it will kick you in the mouth. AND we didn’t have any milk so turn the heat down.  I added avocado to my salad to tame it a little.



I am doing pretty good at not snacking on fruit or nuts in between meals and am drinking tons of water.

I am dreading tomorrow, you’ll see why.