My little man

Yall, this is the same place right at a year apart. 20160905_6421IMG_5760.jpg

Some difference for little hoot

  • Only two pounds but over a foot taller
  • 12/18 month clothing then, 18/24months now
  • In the first he only had maybe two teeth, he now has all but one
  • He is running and jumping
  • He is not a fan of his picture being taken anymore

Sometimes my eyes just well up with tears looking at him. He was so worth the wait.


Worth the Wait 

Five years of prayers
4 years of infertility treatments 
37 weeks of pregnancy 
30ish hours of labor
An emergency c-section
And a blizzard.

Malcolm Levi David was born on January 22 at 2:24 pm weighing 6lbs and 13 ounces and 19inces long. 
At my 36 week appointment my doctor informed us that my blood pressure was getting to high on a regular basis and that an induction would be scheduled for Saturday the 23rd for our safety.  Of course I went home, panicked and started all kinds of googling about inductions. Most of what I found was in agreement with the Doctor. But then the weather report started coming in about what could be ” the storm of the century”. If you know me at all, I’ve been joking the whole pregnancy that he would be born with the snow, just because that would be our luck. On Tuesday they called to move my induction to Thursday so I would have to travel while it snowed. 

Thursday morning we headed to the hospital at 6am. At 7:30 they inserted cytotec to help with dilation because I was not dilated at all. In the afternoon the inserted a foley bulb. That night they started pitocin. They whole time I was on pitocin little mans heart rate would drop slightly. A little after midnight my waters were broken. I was 6cm then with contractions every 2 minutes. I finally asked for a epidural and they backed off on the meds so both of us could get a little brake and recoup. At 7am when they came to check me and I had stalled and even gone backwards. They started pitocin again, this time Malcolm was not tolerating it, each contraction his heart rate would drop. Around noon I was checked again and was still a 5 so we started the discussion about a c-section. By then my epidural was wearing off. After having one and then being thrown into full blown contractions is not fun. Also the snow had started. They took me back at 2:15. He was out by 2:24. I was not able to do skin to skink on the table, although they would have let me. I was shivering too much from all the drugs. But Dady was able to for the whole time I was being stitched up. 

We were able to come home on Sunday, we had to wait for the roads to be clear enough to drive on,and have had an awesome first week of life together.  Tomorrow I should be 39 weeks pregnant but instead I get to cuddle  my miracle baby. 


Where has this year gone?

Its hard to believe we have been back here in Virginia for a year. And what an amazing year it has been. We became God parents,jumped back into fertility treatments, found out we were pregnant on May 27th, on August 15th we saw our little Man. We are now 6 months along and boy were the first 17 weeks a doozy.

I was a train wreck, if I wasn’t puking I was feeing like I was about to. But it was like someone flipped a switch at 18 weeks. All of a sudden I was myself agin. Of course Little Hoot is now big enough to make himself known, so not exactly myself, but I am now back to being a functional person.

Since almost the get go, I have been talked to about Pre eclampsia. I have a few things against me for this condition. I have also had several UTIs and a bladder infection that caused bleeding at 19 weeks. Talk about a scare.

They are monitoring me for the Pre-e and have warned me that labor will not be stopped after 28 weeks. That is two weeks away.

We are mostly prepared with the basics, all we need is a carseat. We are hoping that because we are all set he will decide to stay in as long as possible.

This pregnancy has been fairly easy, nothing to make me say “I will never go through this agin”. Well at least not yet.

We are beyond excited for this parent hood journey to begin.

Checking in

First, we would like to thank every single person who has fasted and prayed for us. We truly believe that it is through prayers that miracles happen.

I am not going to lie, I had high hopes for our first cycle on Femara. When I started a new cycle I thought I would be devastated, but I wasn’t. I had this peaceful feeling, just knowing that I actually ovulated and had a normal cycle was calming.

A few other exciting things have been going on. The most exciting, Our Godson was born!!!


He has been trying to make his grand entrances for a few months. And man did he make one. His moms labor was only an hour and half or so, which ended with little mans birth in the back of an ambulance.

The 2nd piece of news is that I have decided to open a home daycare. My amazing mother did this for the majority of my childhood. She was able to help provide for the family, while still being  at home with me and my brothers. She was even able to home school us while taking care of others little ones. As of right now, I am only going to do this until we leave this duty station. Our hope is to be completly debt free when we move.

And 3rd, we are starting a young adults ministry at our church. I am super excited and nervous for this.

God has made it soo clear that this is where we were meant to be. I was so sad to come back to east coast, but one thing after another has fallen into place.

His plan, His timing, His glory.

Day 00 prep

We are once again on a mission to complete 30 days of whole eating. Today I am prepping and tomorrow we are starting.

This time around I am not over thinking it. I was super stressed last time,so I’m going with the keep it simple stupid method.  Also this time around I know that the time line is true. For friends check out the link so you know when to avoid us.

Alright here is goes.